Since many years I am fascinated by international work: it opens our understanding towards other cultures, lets us reduce prejudices and makes us aware of our own habits and attitudes. It means much to me when people in international contacts feel the solidarity in overcoming gender-based discrimination and other forms of marginalization.

To integrate a body- and gender- oriented approach in adult education I developed and coordinated the european project "Mind4Body"   Migrant women`s life improvement through body-oriented approach; which was funded by the EU between 2015 and 2017 (Erasmus+).

An example of my international engagement for girls-empowerment was the project "Together we are strong!" for girls and young women in the MENA region and Europe. You find the documentation (including the manual about 7 steps to be alive) here  .

I love to be engaged as a trainer for international education programms, especially about girls- and women empowerment. If you want to engage me, please write an e-mail  .

I am associated member of European Association for Education, Culture and Social Services (EUBIKUS eeig)  .